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Whole Body Vibration—Comparison of Different Manufacturers & Machines

There are now many different vibration machines available as this technology begins exploding in popularity. There are many different factors to consider when looking for the right machine and experience for you, such as the direction of movement, the amplitude or gravitational force, frequency, durability, and cost. To determine the best machine for you contact Becky at or call 781-860-0680. All vibration machines are physician developed based on wellness and holistic health principles including an understanding of detoxification, electromagnetic (chi) energy, and nutrition, as well as biomechanics, physical, and neurological interactions. Most manufactures (including Power Plate, Vibrogym, Vibroflex, Soloflex, and others) approach Whole Body Vibration primarily from the perspective of physical exercise. They do not understand the powerful effects of Whole Body Vibration on your entire body and nervous system, and hence their machines are not optimized and designed to deal with the full range of effects.

Single Motor vs. Dual Motor

WBV Machines A key difference between our equipment and most other Whole Body Vibration devices is that all our vibration machines only use one motor for the vibration. This is a critical piece of information that most manufacturers are not aware of. Two motor machines can cause detrimental effects on brain and body synchronization, especially over time. Two motors can never be properly synchronized, as a result, if you stand on a two motor system you and your brain will become desynchronized over time. This can lead to a host of negative side effects, such as, fatigue, muscle weakness, sleep disturbances and even immune system imbalance. A one motor system is always 100% synchronized with the plate, as long as it is not a weighted single motor, which is sometimes used to gain greater amplitude. Weighted single motors are not as bad as two or dual motors but they still can throw the body out of balance as can tilting vibration machines. A single motor device therefore will synchronize the body and brain, helping to put your system into a whole brain functioning state.

High amplitudes are not typically achieved using a single motor system but the beneficial effects are still obtained. In other words, high amplitude is not the most important objective when developing a WBV device, even though most manufacturers proudly report how they can achieve 4-5 mm of amplitude with their systems. A critical benefit of whole body vibration lies in how effective the device is in getting you and your brain into a synchronized state. This is only possible using a 100% synchronized single motor system like our vibration machines or other single motor units. Consequently, be aware of what you are purchasing. Make sure the WBV system you get only has one motor, since a 100 % synchronized system is the only type of machine you should use if you value your health.

Manufacturers that use two motors in their machines include:

  • PowerPlate™
  • Vibrogym™
  • Hypergravity™

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