Workbook Chapter 26: A Shocking Development

In Chapter 26 of Becky’s memoir Beyond the Great Abyssa consultation with her intuitive counselor (Jeanne Mayell) turns Becky’s life upside-down  by upending a firm assumption she has been operating under… now what to do?!  Is there truth to what Jeanne has seen?

What do you do when confronted with a crisis?  Becky meditates, confused and miserable, and resolves to look carefully at the situation again.  In her meditation, she feels herself physically held in the enormous palm of a loving, and gently playful God; she feels comforted, strengthened, and able to face the future, whatever it might bring.

I believe God is whoever you need and imagine him/her/it to be.  We create our own connection to God with our imaginations and we are all a part of this universal energy already, needing only to bring this connection into our conscious minds to fully savor and benefit from the unlimited power, knowledge and love inherent in this connection. (See Workbook Introduction for how to use this workbook).

Intuition Development Exercise: How do you imagine “God” to be?  If God could be anything you wanted (and it can be) what would that be?  Write down some of those qualities, and remember it is ok here that you are not perfect, that you need help.  We all do; we are magnificent works in progress.

Now, with the intention of connecting to this supreme being/energy, let yourself sink into a meditation.  Allow all your jumbled thoughts to drift away (focusing on some repetitive sound or action, like your own breathing, is helpful). Go deeper and deeper into this state of calm and relaxation.  Feel the relaxation reach into and through every part of your body till you are suspended in time and space, feeling your spirit growing larger, stronger and brighter, expanding till it fills the entire room.

You are that Universal Energy and it is always there for you to connect with.

Homeopathic of the Week: Sulfur:  Keynote: The inspired ego

The Mental State Passionate, fiery personality; passionate about almost everything: sexual interests, intellectual inspirations, romantic love, zealous enthusiasm for virtually anything. Egotism. Bragging. Laziness. Intellectual, philosophical, theorizing. Dirty or messy. Extroverted, boisterous and friendly. Anxiety about health. Ambitious. Critical. Disgust. Obstinacy. Selfishness. Chauvinism but also kindness.

Common Physical Signs: Symptoms worse from warmth. Aversion to and symptoms worse from standing, and from bathing. Headaches on the weekend. Thick, bushy eyebrows. Conjunctivitis. Sensitivity to odors. Big appetite. Diarrhea. Hemorrhoids. Weak back, slumps in chair. Left shoulder pains. Feet burning, must put outside covers. Insomnia. Eczema.

Natural Health Tip: Whole Body Vibration , Homeopathy & Spirituality 

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) & homeopathy both release negative energy which helps people to vibrate more positively and connect their higher selves, which basically is spirituality.  You almost cannot help but become spiritual as you release negative energy.  It helps to be aware of the process and to be interested, but whether you believe in “God” or not, by vibrating positively you will be fufilling your purpose in life.  You will find a way to share your positive energy with the world.

Negative energy is like a murky cloud around your beautiful inner core, obscuring its brilliance and beauty, and disrupting the connection between you and all the other positive energy in the universe (God). Like a thunderstorm blocking the transmission of radio waves, as you let go of negative energy hanging over you, you will naturally begin to broadcast your positive energy more strongly and recieve other positive energy, and it becomes a stronger and stronger ever increasing




is fantastic physical therapy for numerous reasons. Often now available with mainstream physical therapy providers, WBV provides muscle and joint strengthening without stressing the joint. Pain and inflammation decrease rapidly due to the powerful energy balancing effects (similar to acupuncture), and Human Growth Hormone (your main regeneration, repair and anti-aging hormone) levels increase leading to faster healing of almost any type of problem.

It is important though to start slow and increase slowly WBV’s effects are very powerful and too much, too soon may lead to a worsening of symptom instead of an improvement.  See WBV Appendix.

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